We create science-backed, planet-caring, honest products so you never have to choose between your (or your loved one’s) smile and the environment again.

Toddler brushing their teeth

Responsible healthcare means answering:

Are there actual studies backing up product claims?

How much of an active ingredient is required and actually used?

Are unhealthy ingredients like SLS avoided?

Plastic pollution on a beach

Sustainability requires accountable answers:

Are carbon emissions for each product offset?

What is being done about the 1.5 billion single use plastic toothpaste tubes thrown out every year?”

Are animal by-products really required in a toothpaste?

Plastic pollution on a beach

Our 3 Pillar Solution

Science Backed Solution

Science Backed

We only use active ingredients with proven benefits, in quantities straight from independent, citable research papers. This means no unnecessary extras like SLS, parabens, colours and more.
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Planet Caring Solution

Planet Caring

Holistic environmental accountability looks like Carbon Neutral and Vegan products packaged with perpetually recyclable or biodegradable materials.
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Honest Solution


Everything we claim will be backed by research that is presented openly.
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toddler toothpaste

ETHIASPIRE toddler toothpaste

toddler toothpaste

The safe-if-swallowed toothpaste for toddlers aged 12 months to 3 years, made with only 6 common food ingredients